Monday 2/3 - Friday 2/7

Monday 2/3 - Friday 2/7

Postby Cibener » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:34 pm

Monday 2/3
Read Club page goals
Reading club jot goals (at least 4 jots or a notebook page)
Harlem Ren. Project plan in S.S. notebook (due tomorrow)
Tuesday 2/4
Finish your project and have it ready to present Thursday! :shock:
Finish your artist's statement page and paragraph and be ready to turn it in
Wednesday 2/5
Book club page goals
Book club notebook page based on your conversation from today and points that got brought up during the discussion
Edit and publish your literary essay (Due Friday!)
Thursday: No new HW (essay due tomorrow) :shock:
Friday: Book club reading goals
Book club jotting goals (at least 4 jots) 8-)
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