3/16 HW

3/16 HW

Postby Mashamesh » Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:36 pm

Hey Bird and Coltrane - be on the lookout for HW postings and lessons on the index board. Teachers will be in training so that we can keep up the great learning. I promise that through this your teachers will be there for you.
On that note - if you (and your book club want books) and you're near school during the next 3 days (Tuesday to Thursday) I can meet you outside at a designated time and give you hard copies of books to read during this time.
You can email me at cmashamesh@tsmsonline.org and I will set up a meeting time at the 6th street entrance each of the days that I'm at school.
Also an email went out to families with directions on how to access eBooks through the NY public library. If you and your book club want to read together, email me (as a group?) and I can make a recommendation and provide thinking questions for you all to answer.

Finally, if you want to publish your op-ed through the NY Times, I will help you. We can share google docs with each other and set up editors. I'll be posting op-ed lessons for you to improve your writing. Just email us with what you need. We'll get through this together. Ms. M
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